Add a Telegram account to QTrader

You can follow these simple steps to enable QTrader to read your Telegram messages and parse them.

  1. On the QTrader home widow, in the getting started checklist, click on “Messaging clients”:
  1. In the window that pops up, click on “Create messaging client” on the top right, and then on “Telegram”.
  1. In the new empty Telegram client just created, please enter your phone number in international format in the dedicated box, and then press the “Connect” button below:
  1. Telegram will then send a device confirmation code to your phone. Type this confirmation code in QTrader’s Telegram window, and press the “Connect” button again.
  1. The “Authorization state” then switches to “Authorized”, and the list of chats of which you are member appear. Telegram is now set up, and you are ready to use the Trade Signal Parser!

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