QTrader can connect to cTrader accounts

You can now parse and execute your Telegram signals on a cTrader broker! Here is the full changelog of QTrader version 21.6.0. Add cTrader broker connection. (click here to easily create and link a cTrader account to QTrader) Persist trades after application restart. Trades can be created on multiple trading accounts at the same time. … Read more

You can now configure the risk model of your account

Good morning traders! Today’s weekly update brings risk model configuration to the account window. You can now choose between two simple risk models: Fixed equity factor: on each trade, QTrader computes the exact quantity, for you to risk a certain percentage of your total account value. Fixed amount: on each trade, QTrader computes the exact … Read more

The first version of QTrader is now available!

Good morning traders! QTrader 21.1.0 includes our 2 main features for now: Automatically parse trade signals from a Telegram channel Automatically calculate risk for each trade You can download it from free in your client area! QTrader can currently send orders to the Trader Workstation (TWS) of Interactive Brokers. More brokers will be supported later. … Read more