QTrader can connect to any of your cTrader trading accounts. You can create a free demo account here.

Please follow these steps to create a connection to your cTrader account(s):

  1. In QTrader, open the “Broker connections” window from top left hamburger menu. Click on “Create Broker” and then “cTrader”.
  1. A window should appear with an empty cTrader connection. Click on “Grant authorization” to give QTrader access to your cTrader account(s):
  1. Your web browser should open the Spotware website, where you have to login using your cTID credentials.
  1. Once logged in, Spotware asks for your permission to give QTrader access to your accounts. Click on the green “Allow Access” button:
  1. You should then see a success message:
  1. Back in QTrader, the connection state should now display “connected”. You can then select the account you want the broker connection to operate with the list below:

You will need one new broker connection for each account you want to connect to. Each cTrader broker connection can only operate one account at the same time.