Interactive Brokers

QTrader can connect to the Interactive Brokers Trading Workstation (TWS), to receive market data and place orders.

You can experiment QTrader with a free demo session in TWS, available without registration.

Please follow the steps below to get started.

  1. Download the TWS here.

  2. Open TWS, and start a free demo session by clicking on “Try the demo”, and then providing an email:
"Try the demo" TWS start screen
  1. Once logged in, bring up the “Global Configuration” window, available in the “File” top menu.
IBKR TWS File menu
  1. Finally, navigate under “API” and “Settings.” Here you must check “Enable ActiveX and Socket Clients”. You should also uncheck “Read-Only API” if you want to place orders to TWS from QTrader. Your API settings window should look like this:
IBKR TWS API settings

Please note the “Socket port” field, in this case set to 7497. It may vary if you use live trading.

  1. In QTrader, open the “Broker connections” window from top left hamburger menu. Click on “Create Broker” and then “Interactive Brokers TWS.”

  2. In the broker configuration window that pops up, you must ensure that the port number is the same as in the TWS API settings.
QTrader IBKR TWS settings

If QTrader successfully connected to the TWS, you should see a connection state “connected”, and you should see your account number under “Accounts” (e.g. DU228244).

Feel free to customize the risk model according to your preference, and then, you’re ready to go!

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