QTrader can connect to cTrader accounts

You can now parse and execute your Telegram signals on a cTrader broker!

Here is the full changelog of QTrader version 21.6.0.

  • Add cTrader broker connection. (click here to easily create and link a cTrader account to QTrader)
  • Persist trades after application restart.
  • Trades can be created on multiple trading accounts at the same time.
  • Vastly improve the trade parser algorithm:
    • It understands when a message references another message, and generates actions accordingly.
    • Add Commodities, Cryptos, Indices, and Precious Metals parsing. (check all supported instruments)
  • The trade signal parser can automatically execute all the actions it generated.
  • Remember the positions of open windows after restart.
  • Improve all user interfaces.
  • Fix a lot of crashes and minor bugs.

Feel free to give us your feedback about this new release!

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